I have a Dream

Today I want tell you about my dream…

I am give this article with name “ I have a Dream”

Siluet Karimun Jawa

I have a Big Dream for my life, this not small dream but this is a big dream because I create my dream, for myself and my world . okey this is my narration all about my dream ..

I want memorizing Al Quran, 30 Juz full. I want road with my friend’s for roving Indonesia . I want get a achievement Mahasiswa Berprestasi Nasional 2013. I want talk in English, everyday with All my friend’s. I want get a achievement PIMNAS 2013, FLS 2013, FIM 2013 and I Belive I can join in  International Conference .  I must believe my passion .


In paragraph two, I want telling about My Dream..”Go Aboard!!!!” .. I must go to Holland for Study in Leiden University, and I hope I can engage my sister for study in elementary school at Holland. This is my vision and my dedicate in my life for my family and my nation ….


Great Indonesia!!!



(maaf masih belajar writing )


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